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Information Technology Co-operative Society Ltd or otherwise named ITCS is an organization formed by co-operative initiative with a focus on the technological arena. The prime aim of ITCS is the propagation of Information Technology in business environment that is essential for the success of the endeavour. As such it specializes in the domains of Software Development, System Integration, Total networking Solutions, consultancy and much more. Utilizing high-end technologies, ITCS offers customized and impeccable services in IT that every business of today and tomorrow demands.

ITCS, started in the year 2000, is a first of its kind initiative in co-operative sector. It has been awarded with ISO 9001 certification for its quality standards it is the first ISO 9001 certified IT Company in co-operative sector.

The Propelling Might

ITCS is a confluence of technocrats, business veterans and management professionals. At ITCS, an innovative team of technical and management experts with an unerring urge for excellence always strive hard to fulfill customers' needs by developing and implementing unfailing solutions at the most cost effective rates.

Strategic Association

Strategic and technology sharing alliances with leading companies is imperative, in the best interest of our customers. Some companies who are partnered with ITCS are MyCard, in the field of ATM Solutions and Oracle for Database solutions. The firm has joined hands with some noted organisations in the front of innovation and management.

Focus on Quality Delivery

Every offer from ITCS is a unique solution integrating the needs of the customers with advanced systems and innovative idea. State of the art development lab and highly proficient technical force are catalysts in delivering high end results embellished by quality, on time. Obsessed with perfection, we have been the alter ego of commitment that calls for impeccable quality and immaculate finish.


The playing field of ITCS is importantly centred on banking sector, especially the co-operative sector. It is not only software development the firm is engaged in but also total consultancy including system integration, IT products sourcing, Network engineering and training.

Reliance on ITCS will enable any entity to cut across the threats and weaknesses and translate those challenges to opportunities hands down with innovative technological advancements. Solutions in Any Branch Banking, Core banking and ATM Services, are widely appreciated among our clients.

What Benefits you gather?

Once you partner with ITCS you are in an advantageous position making yourself equipped with the best solutions in the industry to increase revenue. Which enables you to become technologically competitive in accordance with the changing business environment. The business becomes more effective reducing the workload considerably and hence employees enjoy increased levels of job satisfaction. More over, services delivered with enhanced speed and accuracy improves customers' satisfaction levels.

Products & Salient Features

(Exclusively for PACS)

(Comprehensive Any Branch Banking Solutions for Co-op Banks )

( Exclusively for Co-op Credit Societies)

(Total Solution for Urban Co-op Banks)

iBank CBS
(Core-Banking Solution for Co-op Banks)

(Business solutions including Inventory Management and MIS)

Each of our software products provide comprehensive solutions in their respective realm. They are enhanced for operational ease, speed and efficiency. All solutions are fully customisable by parameterisation. Data security which is the primary concern these days in the banking sector, is sealed by providing secure data centres locally.