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Copay POS

CoPay POS is a Cashless Merchant payment solution for PACS. This application designed to work in a closed group with fully integrated with iBankCBS. This application follows merchant initiated transactions through QR code scanning. All the transactions are protected with two factor authentication and will be reflected in the customer account in real time. Customer account details are secured by a universal Pay-ID. The CoPay POS mobile application is highly secured with SSL enabled for data communication.


  • Cashless Purchase at Merchant outlets, hotels, hospitals etc.
  • Merchant Initiated Transactions
  • QR code scanning for error free data capture
  • Faster rollout and easy to learn
  • Transaction secured by two factor authentication
  • Universal Pay-ID secures customer details
  • A Merchant can be enrolled with more than one bank
  • Multiple CoPay POS can be deployed at merchant outlets
  • Highly secured mobile app and SSL Enabled Data Communication
  • 24 x7x 365 service availability
  • Real time Transaction Posting


  • No need for Smart Phones or internet access for customers
  • No Smartphone literacy is required for Customers
  • Helps to limit the Money flow within the Bank
  • A small number of merchants can serve a large group of customers
  • Universal app for all merchants enrolled for CoPay POS